Name of Competition Nosalowy International Dance Festival

Organizer Klub Sportowy M-Team

Date of competition 31.10.2022

Place Droga Oswalda Balzera 21D, 34-500 Zakopane

Parquet dimensions 25x15m

Manager Katarzyna Mazurek tel. +48 722-220-757


  1. Levels:
    1. First Step
    2. Bronze
    3. Silver
    4. Gold
  2. Age Categoires:
    1. (19-35 y.o)
    2. (36-50 y.o)
    3. (more than 50 y.o), 
  3. Style:
    1. Standard
    2. Latin
  4. Competitions:
    1. Single Dance
    2. 2 Dance Challenge (Standard  – WA, TG; Latin – CH, SB)
    3. 3 Dance Challenge (Standard – WA, TG, QS; Latin – CH, SB, RB)
    4. Open Polish Championships (Scholarship Standard  – WA, TG, VW, FX, QS; Latin – CH, SB, RB, PD, JV)
    5. Latino Show Small/Big Group
  5. The instructor decides upon an Amateur dancer’s affiliation to a given level of advancement.

  6. It is allowed to dance with one Am dancer in any number of dances, at any level.

  7. There is no repertoire limit.

Janusz Biały, Rusłan Butko, Małgorzata Garlicka-Sudoł, Radosław Hojsan, Szymon Kallinowski, Andrzej Suchocki

Dominika Górska-Jabłońska, Agnieszka Bajda

Pro-Am Terms of Participation

  1. In the Pro-Am ballroom dancing tournament, couples to compete are allowed to take part in a tournament, in which one dancer is a Pro, i.e. a tournament dancer, engaged in amateur or professional dance, or who is an instructor.
  2. Pro dancer and Am dancer do not need to be licensed by any federation or dance organisation.
  3. Applying for participation in the PRO-AM Dance Tournament by filling in the application form on the tournament website by 24.10.2022 at the latest.
  4. Payment of the accreditation by October 29, 2022.
  5. Collection of the bib number no later than 30 minutes before the start of the block.
  6. The organiser reserves the right to combine categories in the event of a small number of couples entering the competition in one of them, but the results will be given separately for each category.

Conditions for Participation in the PTT Polish Pro-Am Open Championship

  1. All couples, regardless of affiliation or non-affiliation to any dance federation or organisation, can participate in the tournament.
  2. The couple is obliged to:
    1. Application for participation by October 24, 2022, via the application panel available at
    2. Payment of the starting fee in the amount of:  45€ a couple, per one programme point, via bank account 02 1050 1445 1000 0097 4386 0208 
    3. Collection of the bib number no later than 30 minutes before the start of the block.
  3. In a certain age category, incident to the tournament regulations, only a couple belonging to the given age category can participate in the competition. It is allowed for a couple of the older category to participate in the competition of the younger category.
  4. In the PTT Polish Championship, a Pro dancer can dance with several students.
  5. In the PTT Polish Championships, an Am dancer can represent one dance style with only one Pro.
  6. The Polish Pro Am Championship will be taking place in combinations of 5 dances (SHOLARSCHIP).
  7. Couples will receive titles separately in Standard and Latin American Dances.
  8. The other Pro-Am competitions do not fall into the category of Polish Championships tournaments.

Bib (starting) numbers

  1. The bib number is pinned to the partner’s outfit.
  2. A number with a black background and white numbers means a MALE AMATEUR PARTNER.
  3. A number with a white background and black numbers means a FEMALE AMATEUR PARTNER.
  4. In case of non-compliance with the above-mentioned rules, the couple will be disqualified.

medals, gift

All disputes not included in these regulations are settled by the Tournament Manager in consultation with the Chairperson

General data protections regulation
Personal data will be processed for the needs necessary to carry out the NOSALOWY INTERNATIONAL DANCE FESTIVAL. Giving personal data is voluntary. In aim to participate in the competition you need to give personal data for organisational purposes such as placing on the start lists, diplomas, results of the competiton, payment setlements, preparing a programme etc. in accordance with art. 6 par. 1 lit. a Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

Tournament place



Nosalowy Dwór Resort & Spa
str. Droga Oswalda Balzera 21D,
23-500 Zakopane



+48 722 220 757